Thursday, February 3, 2011

Of finally being able to cry for you.

MoonGyu Daniel Jeong (정문규)
Studying science of public administration at Korea National Police University.
Born on June 12, 1990

That's all that is left on your facebook page amidst the multitudes of goodbyes and teary messages left by friends you've made from all around the world.

What made you do it...?

I remember how you greeted us when we first arrived in Seoul. Both Julie and you were so worried that we will find you guys lacking, however you guys were the best caretaker/friends anybody could wish for.

Did the world treat you harshly...?

We were such a difficult lot, that I must admit, but eventhough you sighed whenever we pulled a "stunt", you were always there to watch our backs. Heck, you covered our asses more than once whenever we pissed off any of the facilitators. It must be a residual effect from all the police training you had to go through in the Police University. The instinct to take care what's put under your care, Daniel you certainly performed your duty to the utmost standard.

What were your last thoughts, I wonder...?

You seemed like such a nerd with your big glasses and tendency to blink innocently at whatever we say. I remember how Fuzail always got a kick from making you panic as you tend to drop anything you were holding and in one great instance, your eyes almost bugged out of its sockets cause of some statement he made. Blame it all on the clash of languages, things do get lost in translation. But that's the fun part no? =)

Would it have changed anything if you knew we cared...?
Considering your semi-timid nature, can you imagine how suprised we were when you suddenly appeared on stage and danced oh-so-awesomely to some K-Pop music. Complete with breakdancing moves and whatnot, dude you were the shit. We, the Malaysian delegates might be a bit biased in making this statement (as you were our caretaker and all) but to us, you were the best dancer among all. Daniel, you're the man ^_-

Won't you miss all of us now that you're gone? We definitely miss you.
 I remember complaining to you how hot Seoul was while sitting on the sidewalk as we waited for the bus that will take us to the airport to arrive. You just laughed and eased my childish whining by offering me a strawberry popsicle. Daniel, good friend, you really know the way into a disgruntled woman's heart =)
 I pray that you are happier now, wherever you are.

I never thought the last sight of you waving and yelling goodbye at me at the departure gate would be the last time I set my eyes on you. Literally. Good God Daniel, ....why?
I guess we will never know for sure what made you do it. I just pray that whatever it was that you were trying to escape from was worth it. May you find happiness in the afterlife as how you didn't feel happy here. T
Take care Daniel, you are definitely missed. 


Jessup is over. Didn't manage to win any of the awards. This is in all likely be my last moot competition as by next year I would be busy with LLB. That is IF I get into the dratted programme. Do I even want to slave away doing something I'm not even sure I want to pursue, thats another issue I will need to think about.

Its only been a month into 2011 and so far, the year is starting off on a sucky note. Like a song that got ruined due to 1 sumbang beat. If this is the year of the Rabbit, I am seriously considering slaughtering said rabbit. 

Needless to say, I icky. I feel mad. I feel stressed. I feel inadequate. I feel like such a loser.

I such a failure.


Abah, come home. Please.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Of knowing that 'ohana' still ranks no.1 in here *thumps chest*

To my fantabulous, huggable, sayang-able family.

I might not be home as much anymore, I try to go out more as you all say I "vegetate" too much at home.

I might not be the same annoying Pawana anymore as everyday I am reminded of the fact that I need to grow out of the 'adik' role and be an adult as Alwi is now here to take that place.

I might not be as dependent as I used to as I know everyone has their own spouse/children to take care of now, can't be running to you guys all the time anymore.

I might not be as talkative as I used to as I know you have your own problems to deal with. But that doesn't mean I trust @ care any less.

I might not seem very close to home at the moment, but not for one second do you guys ever disappear from my mind or from my mind.

I might not say it, but that doesn't mean I don't want to.

I might not show it, but that doesn't mean I don't feel it.

I love you all, its just I don't know how to express it.

Never forget that.

P.S: Happy Birthday Abah. (eventhough you don't know how to turn on the internet to read this anyways)

_______________________________ has the awesome-est tv commercials ever made. Check it.

P.S : Fara loves you, don't bother asking. Period.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Of finally realizing my love for all things mooting =)

There is a very high likelihood that I will regret this statement, but I've gotta say, I do think I'm hooked on mooting.

*insert foot in mouth*
(If by any chance you're reading this Dr.Irwin, NO, you cannot use this to manipulate me into extending just for moots -.-")

Anyhow. I shall now sit down and blog about the momentous mooting experience which I had been priviledged to participate; Maritime Moots Competition held in Sydney, Australia.

To cut the drabble down short, we basically sold our soul to moot research and training for about 6 months, the crucial period would have to be the last 2 months. Until now I have no idea what actually drove us to stay on with all the stuff that has happened. Whatever it was, thank goodness as the experience is certainly worth it =)

One of the training sessions prior to competing

I still remember some of the issues which had arisen during the period before leaving for Sydney. Some of which are like how we (or me at least) had to literally count our food expenses each day as most of our money had to be sourced for printing of cases for the bundles of authorities and other related thingamagics. From this, I will no longer take money for granted. PERIOD @@" 

"Makan pasir" for any period of time is no picnic, take it from me

Not to mention I also had a teeny weeny misunderstanding with one of our trainers with regards to training sessions. The reason was simple and trivial but the effect was so magnificient its unbelievable. Until now I honestly believe that this issue is debatable as both sides had valid reason to be pissed but oh well, what's done is done. No use harping about it =\

Training done, leaving for Sydney!

Maritime Moot team + Miss Ummi + Afif and Fara sending us off

This trip to Sydney was an oddity in itself due to several reasons. 

1) the fact that our university had allowed us to use Singapore Airlines rather than the usual compulsory MAS. I guess they finally realized how much better it is, cost-wise =\ Plus the sight of watching Khairil jump up and down in excitement when he found out was memorable. It was right then that I realized exactly why his nickname is Toopie =3 Jump squirrel jump! XD

2) There was one period in time where they had even considered sending the team without any lecturer to accompany us due to problems in budget. Pergi Sydney without adult supervision, wowie junior juice! Fortunately (or unfortunately hahaha) our trainer Miss Ummi managed to get clearance at the 11th hour. Phew!

The whole team was nervous as hell, so we spent the time in the flight to Sydney reading our opponent's memorial. Bangga tak bangga *puffs out chest*
Finally! Sampai Sydney~ *hums Nemo tune*
 Cubaan Khairil untuk membuat nafas berwap!

  In front of University of Technology, Sydney. The place where the moot competititon was going to be held
 We arrived in Sydney at the crack of dawn (okay, takdelah crack-of-dawn sangat but it was god awful early nonetheless -.-") and since the moot briefing was only going to start at 3, we literally had 9 hours to burn. Plus the fact that our accommodation only allows us to check-in around 10 did not help. Semua buat aksi tidur bergelimpangan dekat hotel lobby, so cantik hahaha!

Gambar ini rekaan semata-mata. The one on the left cannot cook for shits =p

 Ahh Maggi kari dibawa terus dari Malaysia. When hungry everything tastes good ><"

The first of many food trips to the Halal Chinese Restaurant. Teramat sangat sedap *thumbs up*

 Putting all messing around aside, the whole team was nervous as hell for the competition. Us being relatively juniors and all. But after 6 months of nonstop drilling I guess we were already at the stage where we couldn't stand it anymore and we were literally counting down the days for it to be over. Yes, it was that harrowing @@" Anyhow, words cannot describe the whole experience so I'll just leave the pictures to tell the story.
Wajah training tengah malam sebelum competition

 Moments before going into the moot court for our first match of the day
University of Melbourne vs. UTMARA (yes, my uni name sounds funny in english -.-)

 Seconds sebelum first match. Chuak chuak chuak

Whilst waiting for the judges to deliberate for our round against University of Melbourne
From left : Daniel Coombes, Anthony Graham (Uni.Melbourne) + judges (alamak tak hingat nama, nuuuu) + yours truly + Khairil

Muka kegembiraan yang tak terhingga for us first win against University of Melbourne. Until today I cannot believe we actually achieved it T--T

During break, before the second match. Doing some last minute discussion and research with Miss Ummi and Dr Irwin (thank god for Skype)

Second Round : University of Southampton vs. UTMara. WIN!! *jumps around in glee*

Respondent team: Toopie, Lazat Bab-bab and Mamak Shy. Kesayangan yang tak terhingga kepada korang berdua. Jom team sama lagi? XD XD XD

 Tak makan satu hari cause chuak for competition. Habis je round terus membuka langkah yakin ke kedai cina muslim itu. FOODDD!! Sampai senget2 tudung, makan gelojoh sangat XD

Aksi dua kanak-kanak gila selepas habis competition

Breakfast in Wakeup! Nourishment for the claimant's side. Satisfaction guaranteed based on Danial's expression =)

Keyakinan seorang ratu sebelum round against University of Padjajaran, Indonesia. Go Arina!

Salam 1Malaysia dari Sydney *snickers*

Respondent team for UTMARA : Danial TPDZ, Arina Ratu Givenchy and Zharif Perwira H&M

In a nutshell, we did not manage to break into the semis but we did manage to rake in the Best Individual Award. (Until now we have no idea how we won an individual award when the certificate was written for the whole team. Mystery..) 

BUT, I've gotta say I wouldnt trade the experience for anything. Sure I might have pissed off a number of people by blowing them off for moots (sorry Abah , rakan-rakan and segala T--T) but the benefits I have gotten in return was well worth it. Plus I've found a group of people whom I can call family other than the real blood relations I have. 

Moot peeps, korang memang chenta hati =3 

Till next time,
P.S: Shairil loves loves loves you guys. No words can describe it, I really do =)


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Of having a rockstar for a nephew.

I have to admit. The kid's got style.

For those who do not know, I'm referring to my nephew, Alwi. Yes, that drama-king.
I mean, he's barely 10 months old and he has like what, 7 people wrapped around his little finger on a regular basis without even breaking a sweat. Boy I would kill  to have such manipulation skills. God knows how handy that skill would be in winning arguments or moots =__="

 Alwi loves  phones, especially BB but for the love of all things holy, he will  not hold it himself -.-"
Would you lookit him dictate his grandmaw, aiyoyo!

Hmm..I do think I'm getting ahead of myself. Today's theme would be the RAWKSTAR  of the family, Alwi. I kid you not. He has good looks (yes I'm a bias auntie), knows what he wants AND he knows how to get it everytime. Diva alert?

Believe me, the things he would do to get us to pick him up or do something he does not want to do is fantastic. From tantrums to howls to some pretty awesome back-arching move of his. He's so flexible that its scary at times to watch o_o" 

 The lil celebrity refusing to tak-tih 
Sampai bila tak nak jalan Alwi, jenuh kami nak dukung =(
Alwi also is quite a picky eater apparently. In his younger days (tua sangatlah kan budak tu sekarang), he used to just eat everything we put in front of him that we thought we were blessed to have such a good and easy baby. 

Boy were we proved wrong. 

Only recently did we find out that Alwi is a bit unmotivated when it comes to eating slightly chewy food. Wait, let me rephrase that. Alwi just doesn't like to chew. PERIOD. 
My sis, HamsterHamsap, is at her wit's end trying to coax Alwi to start taking rice porridge or maybe even boiled chicken as she says its about time he does. But oh-no-sirree, the rockstar does not like to chew hence everytime my sister gives him something texturey (rice etc), he will promptly make this "oh why do you torture me with this?!?!" expression before promptly spitting out the aforementioned food. Very de drama-king. I myself am torn between feeling exasperated or feeling damn proud to have such an amusing kid as a nephew.

Illusion : Grandpaw's lil helper
Reality : Grandpaw's lil mess-maker
3 guesses as to who had to clean his mess afterwards =_="

Alwi is generally a happy baby. Very happy baby. But only when any one of us is around. Other times he's quite a somber lil kiddo when left alone. I guess that's the reason why we tend to tote him all round the house just to keep him occupied. Which is good as its kind of sad to see him playing all by himself whenever both Mummy and Daddy are out working oncall shifts at the hospital and the rest of the family are occupied with their own work. Sometimes its quite heartbreaking to see how excited he gets whenever any of us come back from work as he would literally be crawling at top speed to get at us. If he could jump, I do think he would have jump-tackled us.  

Bosan sangat duduk rumah main dengan bibik aja ek Alwi?

However as both his parents are doctors working in the country's busiest hospital, like it or not Alwi will have to get used to spending his days mostly chilling with Grandpaw + Grandmaw or hanging out with his two insane aunties. A bit de unorthodox, but oh well takpe, nanti sampai bila-bila he'll always be the favourite grandson and nephew = amount duit raya paling banyak beb 8) (lucky kid T---T)

 Gambar yang sangat amat ter-expose but I like it as he's actually standing!

 I am actually missing the lil tyke as currently he's away in Kuching for some relative's wedding. Didnt really get a chance to see him all thoroughout the week (with work and moot and all) so I really wanted to lepaks with him during the weekend. So you could just imagine my disappointment when I found out that my sister and her whole family had left for Kuching for the whole weekend. Oh woe! T--T

Along, cepatlah balik. 

(Hence the reason for this post)

"Sayalah duta baru Chewy walaupun hakikatnya saya tidak suka chew!"

P.S:  Shairil loves  the fact that her nephew is an even bigger drama-king than she is <3

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Of not having enough time to not do anything =X


Sepatutnya cuti tapi rasa macam tak cuti pulak. I still have to go to Shah Alam every other day to settle proposals. I still get the usual aggravation in terms of certain parties being annoying in the sense of being unable to just be direct. The only difference between now and when the semester is on is that I don't have to go to classes =_=" Oh well, the most we can do is be grateful for small blessings no?

On a side note, I have just realized that I am easily swayed by opinions of people I consider as close friends. Very dangerous when said friends have ulterior motives. Also especially dangerous when the news can lead to instances where links of friendships are broken and trust is shattered to the point of no return. I really must take extra care next time to stand firm to my own beliefs and not to make any opinions until I get the true story from both sides.

To that I SWEAR.

P.S: I will apologize to those I have done wrong. Its not much but its the best I can do. 

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Of kicking of the shoes and living the life of leisure.

This is it people.

4 1/2 months of stressful never-ending suspense period of studying + 2 weeks of pure examination torture, sudden mysterious illness and heartache, now I can finally say I have survived my part 4 safely. After all that jazz, I do think I've earned the right to forget the fact that I do think I bombed my last paper (oi vey =.=") or the fact that my journey to the endline is still far. ....Nahhh let's keep the stress till later, I have my sanity to hold on to.
Until then...


...well if you are going to be all technical about it, holidays started about 5 days ago but considering the fact that I am an accomplished slacker, this post could only be posted today =D
As per usual, what is holiday if you do not fill it with doing...absolutely nothing~! ^^ No need to go into details, but lets just say while the rest of the world are on tenderhooks with the whole election fiasco (and I'm not just referring to the by-election in Malaysia), I have been happily vegetating at home while playing lets-pass-the-godawful-virus-around with my nephew, Alwi

Speaking of which, to anybody who thinks they need to boost their immune system, by all means hang around an infant @ toddler when they're sick cause damn WOW, the virus they pass around are not the "generic" ones we usually get. I mean, yea I am not the perfect example of picture perfect health, but being ill with cold + cough + fever for 2 weeks just after the lil tyke sneezed once at ya? So not normal =__="


Rotting at home this time around is a bit different than usual firstly because dadzor had bought another ps3 to be put in his room (cause he says we hangout in my sister's room too often >_>") plus there's the lil tyke around to bully play with =3 Everyday is a game of multitasking chores while toting the kid around. Neko swears that by the time her wedding comes, we will all have super-macho arms because of Alwi. All that Enercal my sister drank during pregnancy really paid off, the kid weights a ton! @@" Not to mention the fact that he's going through a slight separation anxiety since his mommy just went back to work (she took 6 months unpaid leave just to take care of him), so he's a bit edgy when it comes to being left alone. He'll scream the whole house down unless there's someone in his line of sight. Senang cerita, someone has to lepak with him at any given time.

So, whenever he's left with me, more often than not he'll be in front of the ps3 making a mess out of all the games and wires. So cute, rasa macam nak pijak-pijak je X3

Kecomelan buntut yang tak terhingga

This post basically has no point, saja nak tayang buntut Alwi XD.

P.S : Shairil sangatlah teramat-amat love Alwi. Why don't you? =3

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Of crappers and shit falling from the sky, both at the same time.


Words cannot describe the shittiness and how frustating this week has been, and its barely even Wednesday! >_>" 

1) Supposed to have a semi-breezy time doing test for law, nope, didn't get that cause yours truly had to be oh-so-distracted going to Jakarta for the weekend. Hence, the equation is as follows:

Holiday + didn't study + test = SUICIDE.

What makes it even more frustating is that I KNOW the concept, its just the teeny-weeny details like the name of cases that escapes me. Small mistakes, but HUGE repercussions. I so do not want to repeat T--T
2) Presentation didn't go that well either, we basically got bombarded left-right-center by the lecturer in regards to our topic. Another bout of frustation ensues as we were not criticized because of mistake in content but more of mistake in formalities ie; sentence construction and citation. 

I. HATE. FORMALITIES. did i ever mention that?

3) We were supposed to interview some bigshot today. The appointment was set since last week so understandably we were excited. So you could our disappointment when we received a phone call in the wee hours of the morning saying that the dude was busy so he had to reschedule. Not an outright rejection but it makes us feel insignificant nonetheless. Hopefully he doesn't cancel again the next time *crosses fingers*

Muka kanak-kanak yang hanya mampu senyum walaupun life gives them everything but lemons.

 Waiting for the bus in formal clothing is so lame. Thanks goodness in strength in numbers.

 Aksi mengejar bas in high heels on uneven sidewalk = accident begging to happen

 Random note : Dorothy Perkins makes the sexiest of pants. Must get more.
P.S.: Shairil loves you! Walaupun setiap hari macam nak pecah perut asyik dok gelak.

P.S.: I want to go to Korea please please please please >_<"


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